700 AMD delivery in Yerevan. Free in Small Kentron.

About Us

Welcome to our cosmetics store - a place where quality, transparency, and comfort come first. Why do our customers choose us? Let us explain:

  1. Transparency at Every Step: Your order is our priority. With our tracking system, you're always informed about your order's status and its whereabouts. Plus, SMS notifications make the process even smoother.

  2. Digital Space: We are proud to have our own website, offering you a convenient and secure shopping experience. We don't just rely on social media; we aim for the best.

  3. Authenticity is Our Name: Only original products are available in our store. No compromises.

  4. Caring for You: We understand the importance of knowing what's in your cosmetics. That's why we not only list the full ingredients but also provide explanations for each one (simply hover over or click on the ingredient). Understand what you apply to your skin.

  5. Partnership for Convenience: Our store has a unique integration with gg for delivery throughout Yerevan. Moreover, you pay for delivery based on the actual cost from our warehouse to your location. No hidden fees.

  6. Secure Payments: No more "card-to-card" transfers. Online payment via card, TelCell, or Idram makes the shopping process transparent and safe. Primarily for you.

  7. We're Here for You: Our team is always ready to assist. Our specialists promptly respond in messengers and are eager to address any of your concerns.

Choose quality, convenience, and care for yourself. Choose our cosmetics store. After all, we do everything to ensure you are satisfied!