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For Buyers:

MakeUpHye Direct is a unique opportunity by MakeUpHye to access cosmetic products that other beauty enthusiasts want to share. It's a great chance to find unique or seldom found items, as well as to support the beauty community.

Your buying process via MakeUpHye Direct:

  1. You browse and purchase items listed through MakeUpHye Direct right on the MakeUpHye site. You can find not only products from well-known brands, but also unique items from other beauty enthusiasts.
  2. MakeUpHye ensures secure payment and acts as an intermediary between you and the seller. This makes the purchasing process simple and safe.
  3. After purchasing an item, MakeUpHye checks its quality, packages, and sends it to you. This ensures that you always receive exactly the item you ordered.
  4. The seller receives payment only after your confirmation of receiving the goods. This makes the buying process fair and transparent for all participants.

Shop on MakeUpHye Direct and become part of our unique community of beauty enthusiasts!

For Sellers:

MakeUpHye Direct is a platform that gives you, beauty enthusiasts, the opportunity to share your beloved products with a broader audience. If you have unwanted or surplus items you want to sell, or you simply want to share your passion for cosmetics, our platform is perfect for you.

The step-by-step selling process is as follows:

  1. Contact us: To start, you need to get in touch with MakeUpHye and go through our basic vetting procedure. We value our community and want to ensure that all items meet our quality standards.
  2. List your items: After successfully passing the check, you'll get the opportunity to list your items through the MakeUpHye Direct platform. This simplifies the sales process and allows you to reach a wider audience.
  3. We check and deliver: When a buyer chooses your item, we check its quality before shipping. This helps to ensure that every buyer gets exactly what they expected.
  4. Receive payment: You receive payment after the buyer confirms receipt of the goods. This makes selling safe and simple for all participants.

Please note that MakeUpHye charges a small fee for using our platform. These funds allow us to maintain the platform's operation and offer high-quality services to both you and our buyers.

Join the MakeUpHye Direct community today and start sharing your love for cosmetics with the whole world!