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MakeUpHye Direct Seller Agreement

Article 1. Parties

  1. "MakeUpHye" (hereinafter referred to as "Platform"), providing online trading services in the field of cosmetic products.
  2. Individual (hereinafter referred to as "Seller"), registered on the MakeUpHye platform and wishing to sell goods through MakeUpHye Direct.

Article 2. General Terms

Section 2.1. Purpose and Method of Sale

  1. Purpose of Collaboration: The Seller aims to sell their goods via the MakeUpHye Platform, which in turn provides the necessary services for this.
  2. Method of Sale: The goods are sold using the MakeUpHye Direct functionality on the MakeUpHye website.

Section 2.2. Commission

  1. The commission for using the Platform will be individually determined for each Seller.

Section 2.3. Special Conditions for Goods

The goods being sold may meet the following conditions:

  1. Personal Necessity:

    • The product is no longer needed for personal reasons (e.g., wrong color, size, etc.)
  2. Imperfect Condition:

    • Damaged Packaging:
      • Packaging is open or missing
      • Damages on the packaging, missing elements
    • Incomplete Set:
      • Necessary accessories, instructions, or other components are missing
  3. Limited Warranty and Return Conditions:

    • "As Is": The item is sold without warranties and is not eligible for return


All components (including but not limited to: spray, foam, lotion, toner, serum, emulsion, gel, mousse, tint, oil, cream, balm, paste, scrub, mask, pencil, stick, powder, pigment, nail polish, etc.) must remain in their original, unused condition.

Article 3. Responsibilities of the Parties

Section 3.1. Platform Responsibilities

  1. Ensure the website's operation and the availability of its services.
  2. Provide quality checks for goods before shipping to the buyer.
  3. Provide shipping services to transfer the goods from the Seller to the Buyer.

Section 3.2. Seller Responsibilities

  1. Pass basic identity and product quality checks as per Platform standards.
  2. Ensure the authenticity and quality of goods.
  3. Comply with the payout conditions set by the Platform.

Article 4. Payouts

  1. The Seller can request a payout to a linked bank account no more frequently than once within a period set by the Platform.
  2. The Platform ensures the transfer of funds within the set timeframe after the payout request.

This Agreement is public and is considered accepted from the moment the Seller registers on the MakeUpHye Platform.