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Anti-dandruff shampoo

Nuard Cosmetics — Armenia 🇦🇲

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It is made from the extract of Armenian wildflowers and plants, and the fragrance is derived from essential oils. Thanks to the natural composition and ingredients, it can be confidently used for any type of hair. Thanks to its composition, the shampoo provides the best results in the fight against dandruff. Even after the first use, you will have a visible result. The Armenian wild flower extract used in the shampoo will not only soothe the scalp, but also add a natural shine to both colored and damaged hair. The chamomile extract used in the shampoo eliminates irritation of the scalp, gives the hair velvety softness. Nettle extract effectively fights hair loss, stimulates hair growth and strengthens their roots. Rosehip extract has a calming effect. Thyme extract helps reduce inflammation. Zinc Pyrithione is the best remedy for dandruff.