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Day face cream for oily skin with berry extract. SPF 30+

Nuard Cosmetics — Armenia 🇦🇲

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The cream is made from berry extract, as well as from oils of flowers and fruits. Thanks to the natural composition, you can confidently use it for oily skin, as a moisturizing, protecting and rejuvenating cream. Day cream based on extracts of raspberry, blackberry, cranberry significantly moisturizes oily skin, while maintaining its elasticity. Almond seed oil, palm and coconut oils have moisturizing, nourishing, softening and firming properties, and also protect the skin from the first signs of aging, restoring its elasticity. Apricot kernel oil gives the skin a velvety softness. Jojoba oil is considered a natural anti-inflammatory agent, wheat germ oil removes toxins from the skin. Poppy seed oil protects the skin from the negative effects of household chemicals and bad ecology. Moisturizing cream not only protects the skin from harmful sun rays, but also restores the normal function of the sebaceous glands, neutralizing the radiance characteristic of oily skin.