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Serum For Hair Loss

Nuard Cosmetics — Armenia 🇦🇲

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NUARD Anti-Hair Loss Serum is made with 8 base oils, essential oils and Vitamin E in a unique combination that excellently promotes new hair growth and fights hair loss. The hemp, castor, argan, bergamot oils and Vitamin E in the serum not only fight against hair loss, but also strengthen the hair roots and help eliminate dandruff and improve the quality of the scalp. Poppy, sea buckthorn, linden, coconut oils nourish and restore hair and scalp and give hair a natural shine, fight against the negative effects of ecology. Due to its natural composition and ingredients, you can safely use the serum for any type of hair as a natural remedy for preventing hair loss and promoting new hair growth (if the cause of hair loss is not a metabolic disorder or stress).