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Shampoo for normal to dry hair with a regenerating and nourishing effect

Nuard Cosmetics — Armenia 🇦🇲

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It is made from nettle, pomegranate extracts, wheat protein, grape seed oil and natural keratin, which are essential for maintaining, repairing and growing healthy hair. Shampoo has the most natural basis. The shampoo is designed for normal "dry" hair, with regular use it significantly softens the hair, giving it strength and volume. Due to its composition, it nourishes the hair and hair follicles, promotes the growth of new hair, fights hair loss (unless hair loss is genetic in nature or is not associated with a metabolic disorder). An important fact, the shampoo does not bleach dyed hair, but gives a natural shine to both dyed and damaged hair. The nettle extract used in the shampoo effectively fights hair loss, strengthening the hair and scalp. Pomegranate peel extract softens, moisturizes, restores damaged hair, creating a protective layer that makes it stronger and more elastic. Grape seed oil enhances the protective and regenerating properties of the scalp, has an anti-inflammatory effect. Wheat protein has a restorative and softening effect, especially useful for damaged hair. Restores, heals the hair, saturating it with amino acids, moisturizes the hair from the inside, giving it the necessary elasticity and strength. Natural keratin restores damaged hair, improves its structure, protects against negative environmental influences, fights split ends, gives natural shine and promotes new hair growth.